Secure and Inclusive COVID Health Tool Launches for U.S. Employers, Customers and Travelers

NEW YORK, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As millions of Americans are now receiving COVID-19 vaccines or have recovered from…

NEW YORK, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As millions of Americans are now receiving COVID-19 vaccines or have recovered from the virus, NAHA Health, a personalized health care and case management provider, has partnered with USHealthPass, a secure, digital tool that allows organizations to safely confirm the COVID health status of employees, customers, travelers and others.

The USHealthPass tool helps fight the spread of COVID-19 while keeping everyone’s health information safe and only seen by licensed healthcare professionals. The system – free to users – functions as much more than a vaccine passport because it provides the ability to include anyone, regardless of whether they are vaccinated, have recovered from COVID-19 or are showing no signs of exposure or symptoms.

For instance, USHealthPass has specific tools for those who are symptom-free or have recovered from COVID-19 to confirm their status with a licensed healthcare professional – helping them take meaningful steps towards a return to normalcy.

NAHA Health is an innovative provider of high-impact patient-centric care and case management with more than 20 years of experience. NAHA Health combines advanced technology with a personal touch to offer a holistic approach to healthcare to treat all chronic conditions. Best known for its managed care programs that offer transformative health solutions to the most vulnerable people in society, NAHA Health also offers behavioral health services, in addition to COVID-19 testing and vaccine verification.

«People need to travel for business, vacation, to see loved ones, for school – all kinds of reasons,» said USHealthPass President Peter Gallic. «No matter what your status is, and regardless of if you’ve had a vaccine, USHealthPass provides a community tool to validate everyone’s status, stay well together and keep each other safe.»

The launch of USHealthPass comes as more countries open their doors to vaccinated U.S. travelers and the Centers for Disease Control updated guidance that makes proving vaccination records all the more useful for returning to normal life. The CDC advises that fully vaccinated people can now visit with other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing masks or physical distancing. They can also resume domestic travel, including leaving the United States, and even refrain from testing following a known exposure if asymptomatic.

USHealthPass is designed for simplicity, security and inclusivity to anyone: users register for free and upload their status from a vaccine card, recent negative COVID-19 test or medical document showing a previous COVID-19 diagnosis. For individuals who do not have those forms of documentation, USHealthPass provides additional forms of reporting, including a multi-day symptom questionnaire overseen by a healthcare professional. The resulting validation includes up to six months of clearance for vaccinated persons, up to three weeks for a recent COVD-19 test or an alternate duration for those with other forms of documentation.

The USHealthPass mobile app works on iPhone and Android devices and displays a QR code that confirms the user’s name, birthday and time stamp of health clearance.

The system is easy to deploy, safe, secure and HIPAA regulated.  All personal health information is kept secure and confidential, and the software integrates into systems such as travel reservation databases to provide verification instantly.

«Many of us are looking for the most efficient and safe way to keep our health information private, while proving our vaccine and COVID-19 status when needed for work, travel, or entertainment events,» said Robin Crossman, Chief Executive Officer of NAHA Health. «With tools like USHealthPass, we are taking significant steps towards returning to the normal life we all miss so much.»

Besides employers, USHealthPass provides an easy and accessible tool for U.S. travelers to visit partner events, entertainment venues, and global tourism destinations. The nation of Greece, for instance, recently reopened its doors to U.S. travelers who can provide full proof of vaccinations, and other European nations are expected to follow suit soon. Unlike paper records that can be forgotten or misplaced, the USHealthPass information stays on a user’s phone, and is readily accessible anywhere with wireless service.

About NAHA Health

Based in Clearwater Florida, NAHA Health is an innovative healthcare provider dedicated to transforming healthcare one patient at a time. NAHA Health is a proven provider of high-impact patient-centric care and case management that delivers personalized and proactive health solutions and is committed to improving patient outcomes. Combining advanced technology with a personal touch to offer a holistic approach to healthcare, NAHA Health treats all chronic conditions and offers behavioral health and COVID-19 testing and vaccine verification services. For more information about NAHA Health, please visit

About USHealthPass

Based in Clearwater Florida, USHealthPass is partnering with organizations across the globe to safely reopen as we find new solutions to live and work with COVID-19, and allows people to move freely without violating their privacy (HIPAA compliant). We provide a community tool to help keep each other safe that keeps your personal health information safe and only seen by licensed healthcare professionals. USHealthPass provides employers, schools, tourism, hospitality and event providers a straightforward color-coded status to quickly understand if someone has been COVID verified or not. For more information please visit

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