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ISTANBUL, Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — People who struggle with hair growth and experience hair loss in abundance undergo hair transplant…

ISTANBUL, Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — People who struggle with hair growth and experience hair loss in abundance undergo hair transplant surgery. It is a procedure that is highly effective in treating hair loss. Numerous techniques can be used and carried out in this procedure, but they all involve a common instance.

This instance is taking a prototype of hair-bearing skin from a part of the scalp and later on grafting this piece onto the bald areas of the scalp. It means adding hair to the area of your head that is balding.

Globally, this is a very common issue. Around 60% of men and 50%of women experience hair loss in some form in their adulthood days. In the beginning, most people turn to over-the-counter products to treat it, which can, in fact, sometimes turn out to be very effective.

In other cases, when such products fail to work or the situation keeps worsening, they turn to a restoration method called «hair transplant.» The first hair transplant procedure was done in Japan in 1939, using single scalp hairs.

Ever since, the development of the whole procedure made the «plug» technique possible, only to lead to mini- and micro-grafts used by surgeons, which succeeded in minimizing the appearance of hair that has been transplanted.

Dr. Resul Yaman Clinic is among the most popular hair transplant clinics in Turkey, offering high-quality hair transplantation with the aid of a highly skilled medical team.

Resul Yaman Clinic’s unique services

Upon searching for «Hair Transplant Turkey,» it’s crucial to understand what makes Resul Yaman Clinic different from its competitors. Resul Yaman Clinic has been working efficiently and offering services to customers for over ten years.

Thanks to their team of skilled professionals, i.e., multi-language translators, doctors, and nurses, Resul Yaman Clinic has been able to assist its patients with a combination of services in hair transplant. The primary goal of this clinic is to offer patients only the best results at quality prices. The clinic harbors only the best doctors in Istanbul that treat every patient with care to achieve only the best results.

They focus on providing each patient with a seamless experience from the very booking of an appointment to the point of discharge. Additionally, the clinic offers a website with transparent information about Resul Yaman’s facilities. The staff is highly trained, and they give all patients faith in the clinic and the professionals it has at hand. With a strong discipline, drive, and focus, Resul Yaman’s team works 24/7, so this clinic’s business is a complete success.

Reasons to visit Resul Yaman Clinic

The reasons to choose Resul Yaman Clinic are numerous, five of which will be listed below.

  1. All doctors at Resul Yaman are professional, skilled, certified, and knowledgeable;

  2. The environment at the clinic is cozy and calm with a pleasing scent and a welcoming decoration that makes spending time in the waiting area completely comfortable, offering, in addition, delicious detox drinks;

  3. All health restrictions are respected, the staff wears masks and gloves, making Resul Yaman the cleanest place possible;

  4. The staff is welcoming, friendly, and helpful, with a readiness to give replies to each of the patient’s questions with a smile;

  5. The results will always be satisfying after taking a hair transplant procedure at Resul Yaman Clinic;

Benefits for customers and customer experiences

On Google, YouTube, and Instagram, there are numerous comments about the Resul Yaman Clinic and other national and international aesthetic surgery forums. Patients at this clinic can benefit from doctors’ services that have been used as an example internationally.

Articles about Resul Yaman Clinic have been written worldwide. One of the most important benefits for customers is that the first consultation in their whereabouts is free of charge. Also, the clinic offers packages for patients who want them.

The package at Resul Yaman includes a translator, hospital fees, consultations, the post-operation controls, transfer services, accommodation, and the surgery. Upon making an appointment, all customers can contact the clinic via phone, website, or write to the clinic via Instagram.


Generally, hair transplants have shown to be more successful than using numerous over-the-counter products for hair restoration. However, a hair transplant doesn’t mean that the transplanted hair will be invincible.

Like regular hair, the transplanted hair can thin over time, and people who have dormant hair follicles tend to have less successful transplants.

It’s also true that hair transplants won’t be effective for everyone. This information doesn’t mean that they’re not effective at all – quite the contrary. Upon reaching a point where a patient needs a hair transplant procedure, it is essential to pick a reputable clinic with a skilled surgeon.

Resul Yaman Clinic will offer excellent and unique service at affordable prices, offering help and availability to customers 24/7. As a top-rated service for hair transplantation in Istanbul, Resul Yaman Clinic is worth considering.

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