Childhood 2.0 Movie Opens Worldwide

ATLANTA, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — What defibrillators are to the heart, (good) documentaries are to the mind. And nothing will…

ATLANTA, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — What defibrillators are to the heart, (good) documentaries are to the mind. And nothing will shock parents more into reality than Childhood 2.0. The 90-minute film written, produced, and directed by husband/wife team, Kiowa and Jamin Winans along with Robert Muratore, opened for a limited theatrical release in Atlanta and is now being distributed worldwide online. The film takes a hard (and even hard core) look at the lives of childhood today versus the childhood of yesteryear, taking us into the minds of teenagers who spend Every. Waking. Minute. Online. Candid, raw, and hard to watch at times, the timely release of Childhood 2.0 is more necessary than ever, especially when the majority of kids will be spending the next few months – if not more – at home distance learning.


Known for their dark, powerful, and thought-provoking films including Ink, Uncle Jack, Spin, 11:59, and The Frame, the filmmakers left no danger untouched in Childhood 2.0. From cyberbullying to self-harm, hate speech and violence to online predation, Childhood 2.0 makes it abundantly clear to anyone raising kids in a digital world: if a child has access to a device, these dangers are present.

The film features interviews with well-known subject matter experts in all areas of cyber safety, mental health, law enforcement, and education, including Cyber Crimes Detective, Richard Wistocki, Founder of Protect Young Eyes, Chris McKenna, Director of CyberBullyHelp, Patti Agatston, PhD., Child Safety Expert and Pediatrician, Free Hess, MD., Founders of Parents Who Fight, Sarah and Jesse Siegand, Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Joel Stoddard, MD, Pediatric Emergency Physician, Sujit Sharma, MD, Child Life Specialist, Kelly Anne O’Neill, and CEO and CMO of Bark Technologies, Brian Bason and Titania Jordan.

Limited theatrical runs and seating have been spaced accordingly to maintain a commitment to social distancing policies. The filmmakers have also made the film available online to enable anyone to watch at no cost. «Families are struggling right now in so many ways, especially those with kids at home distance learning and on their devices 24/7,» said Childhood 2.0 writer/director Jamin Winans. «The topics presented in this film are timely and needed to be shared as widely as possible so that everyone can kickstart meaningful conversations at home about what it really means to grow up in a digital world.»

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